Hartland, WI – Golf Simulator Training (For Current JBJ Golf Clients)

JBJ Golf offers the one of the most technologically advanced silmulators available. Whether you want to play one of the 85+ golf courses available in the Trackman Golf Simulator, practice your putting, driving, long game or short, JBJ Golf has a solution. The simulator is available for play Mondays through Saturdays.

Hartland, WI Golf Simulator

JBJ Golf Simulator feat. Trackman Technology

Convenient All Weather Golf Play

Here is Wisconsin, we know that the golf season just seems too short. Our Spring, Summer and Fall weather can be unpredictable. Like the old adage says:

“Just wait 5 minutes, the weather will change.”

Our Trackman golf simulator is available for play no matter what the conditions are outside. Whether is it rain, snow or sleet, our golf simulator in Hartland, WI is available for play.

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